How Emotional Men Can Remove
Deeply-Hidden-Trauma, Using The Debox™ Method

Discover How To Remove Deeply-Hidden-Trauma, Big or Small That is Negatively Affecting Your Daily Life, Without Telling Your Life Story to a Therapist

Before I get into Debox and what it will do for you, do you want to hear how Debox reversed a nervous breakdown in 47 minutes?

I’d spent my youth and all my 20s and 30s struggling with anxiety, stress and inadequacy. I didn’t even know why.

Subconsciously, I searched for ways to numb the pain.I reached for wine. I reached for cigarettes. I reached for drugs!

While I seemed to be coping, I was only patching over the problem. Each emptied wine bottle was like a plaster, covering up a growing, festering wound.

Eventually, my emotions hit me with a crash. A business I’d worked tirelessly to build hit financial ruin. Alone, in a bare office at 3pm, I fell into the deepest despair I have ever experienced.

“I can’t come home tonight,” I told my wife over the phone. “I don’t want the children to see me this way.” That night, I experienced 4 emotional episodes over 47 minutes. I’d been upset many times before, but never like this. This time, I was leaning into the emotion. Not pushing it away.

I amplified the feelings of desperation in my body. (Don’t worry, its simple to do and I’ll show you how)

Each time, I stayed with the emotion until it vanished. And once the emotional bursts stopped, there was peace.

That night I slept soundly for the first time in a year.

Within 24 hours I was rejuvenated – happy.

A near-nervous-breakdown was reversed in 47 minutes.

But there were more battles to come.

I absolutely LOVE the process… it should be a life skill taught to everyone.

Peter Owen

Qualified therapist and PSTEC therapy practitioner in UK schools

It’s so simple a child can learn it!

Keith Dorrington

Blackheath Hypnotherapy

I am a certified active therapist with my own practice and seven years of experience. My use of the Debox™ method has generated excellent personal and client results. What more can I say? It works.

Jayne Newman


Hi, I’m Jay Roberts. Yes that’s me in the photo from the TEDx talk I gave at Kings College London back in 2016.

I am the CEO and founder of Debox. I’ve been using the technique to help thousands of people across public talks, corporate presentations, and 1-on-1 consultations for over 10 years.

For over 30 years, I’ve worked as a self-employed digital marketer, literally finding my feet in the no man’s land that was the early internet. My career says a lot about the person I am. I’m naturally interested in tweaking and experimenting to get results as quickly as possible.

That way of thinking spans across my entire life, whether it’s my career, my health, or my state of mind. I like to be in control of myself and be completely self-sufficient, to guide my own progress and discover what works best for me.

That’s what Debox gave me, freedom and control over my own mental health. It’s been powerful. It’s changed my life and allowed me to be the husband and father that I need to be for my family.

It’s great to meet you and I hope I can give you that same freedom that you’re looking for.

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Here’s What You’ll Discover When You Get Your Digital Copy Of Debox:

✔️ How To Become Emotionally Self-Reliant and end the struggle that plagues your life. You are a strong man. 

✔️ The 3 Pillars Of a Whole New You – this will open your eyes!
       1. Self-_______
      2. Self-_______
      3. Self-_______

✔️ The Acronym R.E.A.A.L and how it will change your life, forever.




A****** – THIS One is the game changer.

Let it Go 

✔️ How to identify everything that’s causing you strife, no matter how deeply buried or hidden from conscious view. 

✔️ How to use everyday triggers to remove the struggle inside.

✔️ How to remove childhood trauma that’s plagued you for years.

✔️ How to remove deeply hidden trauma, big or small.

✔️ How to use emotions to remove the root cause of the problem.

✔️ How to stop feeling guilty about the things you did or didn’t do (hint: it’s an inside job).

✔️ Why you overreact at things your kids do and how to use that to your advantage.

✔️ Why you resent your partner when they don’t support you, and how to overcome it. 

✔️The one HUGE counterintuitive discovery that takes you from endless struggle to liberation in minutes.

✔️ Feel the difference when you use your emotions the Debox Way.

✔️ Why thinking that you need to know everything keeps you pinned down in depression or misery.

✔️ How to ‘let go’ and watch the past traumatic events leave your body like a balloon floating away into the sky.

✔️How to use 4 emotions to rid yourself of the demons inside.

✔️ Why you cry at movies, TV, music or reading and how to use it for better mental health (I used the movie technique all the time!)

✔️How I removed a fear of heights in 30 minutes. (this can be used for any phobia).

✔️ How Carl Reversed OCD that he has lived with for 40 years, in a few hours.

✔️ How Darren used YouTube clips to release childhood trauma in a day.

✔️ Why positive self-talk doesn’t work for most people and how to get it to work.

✔️ Finally dispel the myth that this is how you were wired. So much crap can be hacked away to reveal the real you. 

✔️ How ‘Box Protocol’ will become a new default that makes you bigger, better and stronger than you ever thought possible.

✔️ Finally ending the constant feelings of Not Being Good Enough.

✔️ How to use daily triggers that cause you distress and upset to free yourself from their negative impact.

✔️ Being sensitive and emotional is a huge advantage to being able to release your demons inside.

✔️ How Aurora removed PTSD from an abusive partner completely and moved onto to a happy relationship and motherhood.

✔️ How Carl removed childhood trauma that contributed to his OCD.

✔️ How I averted a mental breakdown in 47 minutes. 

✔️ How all students of Debox Reversed low self-esteem.

✔️Finally beat anxiety. 

✔️ Remove depressive feelings in minutes.

✔️ How crying to a movie can remove small struggles or huge hidden trauma.

✔️ Learn how to be angry in a way that isn’t destructive but liberating.

✔️ Fear holds us back. But what if you can use this fear to remove it from any given situation.

✔️ How I reversed a HUGE fear of being in the house alone overnight (I know! That’s a tough one to admit for a 51 year old man!).

✔️ How releasing the emotion attached to a memory means you no longer suffer at the hands of that memory again.

✔️ If emotions linked to bad memories are stored in boxes in your brain, then emptying those boxes means the pain is gone for good.

✔️ Learn how daily triggers are the signposts to your emotional freedom. Use them well, and you will be free. 

✔️ How being vulnerable (even just with yourself) is a pathway to a freer mind, more creativity and more success. 

✔️ It took me 9 years to fine tune this method, you can fast-track your results from my long journey and struggles. 

✔️ You will sleep better 

✔️ As you release more and more crap, events will start to bounce off you instead of deeply wound you.

✔️ With more confidence you can start to earn more money and build a better future.

✔️ How I used Speed-Grieving to get over the huge loss of a dear friend in just 2 days. I still remember them with love but the pain of the loss is gone even when I think about them. 

Carl Reversed His OCD of 40 Years

I was struggling with huge overreactions of anger. And it was all linked to childhood traumas.

Since I learned Deboxing, I have removed those traumas, and reversed my OCD of 40 years! So I genuinely, highly recommend this!

Carl Chapman

Essex, UK

"Debox has rebuilt my self-esteem"

The frustrations of everyday life were ruining my life. I would certainly recommend Deboxing to others!! You have to go into it with an open mind and be willing to accept the advice given and stick with it!!

Debox™ has rebuilt my self-esteem and my life.

Andrew Barker

Sales Director, Oxfordshire, UK