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Jay Roberts
Founder, ETM

Who am I?

My name is Jay Roberts.
My experience came in 2014. I’d spent all my 20s and 30s struggling with anxiety, stress and inadequacy. Worse, I didn’t even know I was struggling. It meant losing all control. Subconsciously, I searched for ways to numb the pain.
I reached for wine. I reached for cigarettes.
While I seemed to be coping, I was only patching over the problem. Each emptied wine bottle was like a plaster, covering up a growing, festering wound.

Eventually, my emotions hit me with a crash.
A business I’d worked tirelessly to build hit financial ruin. Alone, in a bare office at 3pm, I fell into the deepest despair I have ever experienced.
“I can’t come home tonight,” I told my wife over the phone. “I don’t want the children to see me this way.” That night, I experienced 4 emotional episodes over 47 minutes. I’d been upset many times before, but never like this. This time, I was leaning into the emotion. Not pushing it away.

I amplified the feelings of desperation in my body. (Don’t worry, its simple to do and I’ll show you how) Each time, I stayed with the emotion until it vanished. And once the emotional bursts stopped, there was peace. That night I slept soundly for the first time in a year.
Within 24 hours I was rejuvenated – happy.

Take A Glimpse at the Emotional Trigger Method

One of the most amazing things about this method is that you don’t have to relive any past traumas for this to work.

Because your ‘mental boxes’ can be emptied a number of different ways.
Have you ever watched a film that made you upset? Or heard a song which has triggered a powerful emotional response?
This is the same principle at work. Your brain’s limbic system is triggered by the song or film, but you’re affected by past events. Many of my clients find their anger is ignited. Others experience fear.
Whatever happens, notice it. Recognise it. Stay with the emotion and release it. In fact, we’ve discovered one key technique that makes this faster than anything. You are another step closer to total emotional resilience.

Uncover The Dangers Of Suppressing Up Your Real Emotions

I'll show you the long term effects of what holding in negative emotions can actually do to yourself and those around you.

Learn How Your Emotions Actually Work and Affect Your Day-to-Day Life.

I want to go into the science and theories on how our emotions actually affect us, so you can get a deeper understanding of why you feel the way you do.

Discover The Steps To Unpack Your Emotional Boxes

The Emotional Trigger Method is a method that you can do at home by yourself. I’m going to teach you exactly how it works, no strings attached.

Find The Quickest Way To Reach Your Deepest Emotions

I’ll help you find your own personal methods to get into the right headspace to start facing your emotional triggers and relieving your pain and trauma…instantly.

Your Emotions Are The Key

ETM is a simple method that uses 3 core emotions. The best and simplest being crying. But not just crying, there’s a way to cry that removes the struggle inside.

Focus On Daily Events That Trigger An Emotional Response

Find specific triggers, and cry the right way to remove them. (or use anger or fear).

With Jay’s guidance, it soon became easy. I’m much more at ease with myself. I’m much more comfortable and confident. I don’t beat myself up every time something doesn’t work out.

Madeline Withers
Entrepreneur & Fitness Business Owner

I believe this is something everyone needs to learn to let go of stress and negative emotions from their past and help us with the stresses of everyday life. It’s fantastic and a major breakthrough for mental health.

Keith Dorrington

I have found an improvement in my daily moods and overall sense of wellbeing. I no longer feel deeply depressed and hopeless. I have experienced what feels like a breath of fresh air. And I have a tool that will help me with other difficult feelings and emotions.

Charlotte Suh

I was apprehensive before starting. The frustrations of everyday life were ruining my life. Knowing how to unbox uncomfortable feelings that will appear and stop them taking over your life is a very good gift to have!

Andrew Barker
Sales Director

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