To Judge or Not Be Judged? – That Is The Question!

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To judge or not be judged? That is the question!

You’re going to get judged by others It’s a fact of life and one that you have to accept.

But you know what…you’re going to judge other people too.

You can’t help it. Even at a subconscious level, you are frequently making small judgements and assumptions about people throughout the day. They don’t have to be mean judgements, or particularly large ones, but every single small detail of a person makes you create a picture that’s filled in with assumptions about that person’s life.

But every single judgement you make is totally inaccurate, because it’s only based on your own experiences, that are probably totally different to the person you’re judging.

So on that idea that your judges of people are nothing more than imaginary, I want to focus on why people are so scared of being judged.

Because after all, if a person’s judgements are only based on their own ideas of the world and don’t mean anything to you, then why are you so scared of being judged by other people?


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