How Emotional People Can Release
Deeply Hidden Trauma,
BIG or small
...With The Debox Method

Peter Owen, Therapist to UK Schools

“When I first heard about de-boxing I thought it was a beautiful metaphor for how our mind works which fits perfectly with my understandings gained as a therapist over many years. I must say I absolutely LOVE the process. I now see myself as a hunter of boxes. If one pops up I “pop” it and bizarrely the entire process feels great! Techniques which quickly deal with emotions such as Deboxing are dragging the psychological world kicking and screaming into the 21st Century. I can’t recommend this process enough and think it should be a life skill taught to everyone.”


A Holistic Approach for Sensitive Women to Heal Both Subtle and Profound Emotional Wounds

A Simple Method To Remove the struggle inside


How Emotional Men Can Remove Deeply Hidden Trauma
Big Or Small

A Simple Method To Remove the struggle inside

PTSD questions and answers

Hi, I’m Jay Roberts. 

Even after 100’s of therapy sessions I still ended up on the verge of a breakdown.

How could that be possible?

I then spent eight years figuring out how to free myself from the emotional constraints that plagued my life. The result of years of work resulted in a new and exciting way to detox your mind.

With more and more people benefiting from this approach and insights, Debox was born.

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See if Debox can help YOU

I’ve designed 4 simple questions that can give you immediate insight into whether or not Debox can work for you.

Debox requires a certain type of personality in order to work.

And its people with this personality trait who see the most amazing results with Debox.

  1. Do you have some internal sh*t going on that’s making your life unhappy? 

  2. Are you serious about getting rid of this sh*t inside? 

  3. Are you coachable? (if you never listen to anyone else then I cannot help you)

  4. Are you overly emotional and do you cry at movies or TV, or music? 

If you answered YES to those 4 questions then I guarantee this will work for you. 

Have a good look around, read, listen, watch, and email me with any questions. 

But the best place to begin is the book and/or video above.