Debox Method Reviews | Real Life Stories From Real People, Just Like You.

Jayne Newman - MA, MBACP, HPD, ITANLP

I am a certified active therapist with my own practice and seven years of experience. I contacted Jay after watching the Debox TEDx talk and saw a winning formula in the Debox method. I immediately wanted to get involved. My use of the Debox method has generated excellent personal and client results. What more can I say? It works.

Peter Owen, PSTEC Therapist to UK Schools

“When I first heard about de-boxing I thought it was a beautiful metaphor for how our mind works which fits perfectly with my understandings gained as a therapist over many years. I must say I absolutely LOVE the process. I now see myself as a hunter of boxes. If one pops up I “pop” it and bizarrely the entire process feels great! Techniques which quickly deal with emotions such as Deboxing are dragging the psychological world kicking and screaming into the 21st Century. I can’t recommend this process enough and think it should be a life skill taught to everyone.”

So, my life had gone out of control, bereavement, a massive health scare, then my husband walking out of our 20 year marriage with no explanation, when debox popped up on my Facebook page I was curious. I joined the initial webinar and after that booked my call with Jay. I was apprehensive but on the call Jay put me completely at ease. He listened. I felt that he genuinely wanted to help. There was no pressure. It took me about 2 weeks to get my first proper debox release, it was exhausting but once done I had a real sense of calm. The woman’s group is great, really supportive, people who understand what you are going through, it’s honest and there is no judgement, just support and care. Since joining debox I now feel that I can regain control of my life as Jay has given me the skills to manage my emotions
Alice Smith,
Epping, Essex, UK
I was a bit of both nervous and calm before booking the call with you. What made me book the call, fed up living my life the way I was wanted change but stuck and felt a pull when I read about Jay and Deboxing. The call itself was relaxed and easy no pressures. More reassurance and openness with the call was how I felt. I had a massive tangible result where a suppressed emotion was underlying oblivious to myself. Where Jay was able to bring up the suppressed emotion and be able to release it. Cut a long story short, very quickly I experienced a tangible Debox result. It took roughly 5-7 minutes to achieve the result. It felt like a huge weight had been lifted and very, very calm. I can say it works and leaves an impact that you can feel. With time and using Debox methods hidden trauma can be released to bring peace into lives. The women’s group is very supportive and has a community feel to it. My advice to anyone struggling is to contact Jay as the results are fantastic and it works. Debox is an incredible tool for learning and it will help you get better results for you in your life.
Sarah Marshall (name changed for privacy)
Scotland, UK

Amanda Fuller, Scarborough, UK

For me it was a case of I've tried many therapies and nothing worked for me. I watched Jay's TED talk and something seemed really different with Debox. I wanted my past trauma to stop controlling my life. Initially I was very anxious. Jay makes you feel comfortable when talking with you, he's certainly been through it himself which gives him a true understanding of every individual situation. I had a couple of Debox results within the first week, I watched clips suggested by Jay from "Britain's Got Talent" and had my first triggers. Each Debox session for me took about 40 minutes. I felt tired, relief and "what the hell just happened?" I've had 3 successful Debox sessions. I've had a break for about a week, now I'm ready to go searching again. It's lovely seeing the ladies once a week in our Zoom meeting, it's our safe, "no holds barred" place. It leave me with a sense of belonging. If like me and tried most therapies, self-help books, NLP, hypnotherapy and still end up in "no hope land" give Deboxing a go. I can assure you that you can get your life back on track. I cant recommend it enough.

I was so fed up with feeling so low, and was keen to feel less burdened. I didn’t really know where to start, as I had so much emotion and chaos going on in my head. So, really I needed help to know where to start.  Jay was skilled in unpicking the appropriate Box very quickly, when I had no clue. I felt totally supported and Jay’s expertise was impressive and met my needs entirely. I think it was about 10 minutes to remove an old trauma; it felt really quick.  So much so, that I was quite taken aback by how quick it was, and how profound It’s so hard to capture the enormity of how relieved and free I felt: I felt altered, lighter, unburdened, cleansed, rebooted, energised and really blessed.  It might sound random, but I felt as though a big heavy mass had been exorcised and I had rediscovered me – it was other-worldly and like no other experience.  Personally, I found it better than EMDR, BWRT, hypnotherapy, acupuncture and energy healing (all of which I have experienced). I know I can do it on my own or with further assistance from Jay, or other group members.  It’s an exciting prospect. I love the women’s only group Very much. The group is very supportive and there is a lot of sensitivity and respect amongst the ladies. It’s also very validating and humbling to hear about other women who are going through similar challenges and how our historic traumas further impact us years later. If you are at a point where you are so tired, drained, non-functioning and ready to put your faith into this, then DO IT!  It is a really cleverly simple, dynamic intervention and it doesn’t take at all long.  I believe Deboxing to be more, effective than years of counselling and it's so much faster. I feel happier than I have felt in years, after only 3 Deboxes!  Follow the advice of the TV adverts: You are worth it so JUST DO IT!  You will not regret it.
Kirsty, Northampton, UK
It’s great! I feel totally liberated and confident. I felt better after the first box appeared and emptied. The great thing is I am self-sufficient – not dependent.
Darren Hilton
Rochdale, UK
I have certainly found an improvement in my daily moods and overall sense of wellbeing. I no longer feel deeply depressed and hopeless. I have experienced what feels like a breath of fresh air. And I have a tool that will help me with other difficult feelings and emotional reactions as they come up. It's a process that I can return to again and again as needed.
Charlotte Suh
I had a number of self-worth/self-esteem/anger issues that had been with me for many years. They had affected previous and existing relationships. I was very prone to over-reacting. But something was stopping me doing things that I knew I had to do to to move my life forward, if you'd have asked me at the time I wouldn't have been able to say what this was or why. I do feel much more emotionally free now. I don't judge, I just accept & trust myself to take the necessary steps to work through whatever is affecting me.It just works! If I was starting again now I would just run with it and not hold back or question what I was doing.
Hayley Mason
Stratford-Upon-Avon, UK
Essential to moving forward in your own life, giving yourself the gift of freedom from limiting beliefs. Read the book. Don't over-think it. Allow it to happen and give yourself permission to clear what comes up. Just do it!
Stevie Way
London, UK
My biggest issues were Fear of abandonment, low self-esteem, PTSD due to childhood trauma, and an abusive Ex. I feel more confident in all aspects of my life, I feel stronger as though I can face anything, and I sleep a lot better which has improved my quality of life. Deboxing is a very effective way of facing issues head-on, balancing your mental health, learning how to love yourself, improving your relationships, boosting self-confidence, and taking control of your life. One of the things I am forever grateful for is reuniting with my mum. Jay worked through the anger I had towards her and I reached out to meet her and we made up. She died shortly after but I had a chance to make peace. It meant everything. I am now married with a daughter and so happy. This really does work.
Aurora Young
Banbury, UK
An incredible part of it, is how many negative reactions have vanished, along with a huge diminishing of obsessive-compulsive behaviours, which has been with me for 40 years! My confidence is increasing and my anxieties are disappearing before my eyes! So I genuinely, highly recommend this to anyone who is sick of being a slave to their emotions and fed up with everyone telling them that they just need to think more positively.
Carl Chapman
Essex, UK
I reached a point in my life where I was finding it difficult to manage everyday tasks, and I was experiencing depressions and anxieties daily. I felt like I was losing control. I would say that if you have reached a point in your life where you want to take control of your destiny, then Deboxing is for you! Jay, you and deboxing have supported me through the most difficult time of my life...I do not know where I would be or how I would have got through the past few months without your help. I am now truly happy with myself and MY LIFE!
Slough, UK
I’ve suffered for as long as I can remember with anxiety for my fear of flying. I have used many other methods to try to help me with this but nothing has really helped. Then I used Deboxing. I’ve just flown to America this September 2016 - which is actually where I am writing this from. The experience that I had this year was just so different that I would describe the flight as almost enjoyable! My family have commented on just how different I have been this trip, wanting to know what caused the change. The Debox Revolution has just made ‘being me’ even easier.
Millbrook, Beds, UK
Just before I came across Deboxing I was going through a period of transition in my life. I was facing the challenge of coming to terms with the fact that my marriage of twenty plus years was ending and I was experiencing undue stress and anxiety. Also, I was overwhelmed with feelings of guilt, confusion and disappointment. Now having had further interaction with Jay, I sense he is someone that is passionate about the Deboxing approach and he wants to share it with as many people as possible because he really believes that they would be immensely benefited by it. Deboxing as a therapeutic approach is easy to do because it is basically shedding light on what we would 'naturally' do when we feel sad, lonely or depressed. But Deboxing teaches us what to do with these feelings to not only get instant relief but reduce the ongoing issue’s inside. I have a counselling background but Deboxing offered an approach that elicited a more rapid outcome than traditional psychotherapeutic methods. That really appealed to me. Also, my personal experience with Deboxing had shown me that it worked.
Roli Ashishon
London, UK
I felt worthless I felt like a fraud I felt like people were picking on me, constantly. My biggest Debox Experience was a re-lease of something I never thought I wanted to let go off. I didn’t set out to let go of it, in fact I was determined to hold onto it. But as other cupboards emptied, I realised this was my biggest issue of them all. I’d been fighting against it for years. It took a few Deboxing sessions to change my perspective on this issue. At the end, I felt light, almost empty, strange feeling, but a really good one. I'm much more at ease with myself. I'm much more comfortable and confident I don't beat myself up, everytime something doesn't work out. Deboxing is amazing! The feeling you get after emptying a cupboard is truely Incredibly. To the extent, that now, if I know I am going to be in a situation, that I may feel uncomfortable, I can Pre Debox. I truly believe, however big or small your issues are Deboxing will help.
M. Withers
Banbury, UK
I was apprehensive before starting. The frustrations of everyday life were ruining my life. I also wanting to understand the reasons why my marriage had broken down. The realization that the feelings that caused me so much hurt and anger just became irrelevant once I had deboxed them - The issues have not disappeared but the feelings I once had have changed and do not have the same effect on me as before. Feelings of frustration and despair have stopped ruling my life - I have come to terms with the underlying issues that caused the frustration and despair and the feelings do not have the same effect on me - I have stopped being angry and frustrated I would certainly recommend deboxing to others!! You have to go into it with an open mind and be willing to accept the advice given and stick with it!! Your life changes constantly but knowing how to Debox "uncomfortable feelings" that will appear and stop them taking over your life is a very good gift to have!! Thank You Jay
Bloxham, UK
I was in complete overwhelm due to the Breakdown in my marriage and then into a new relationship. I have reduced my anxiety medication and have improved my eating and sleeping habits. I am self sufficient and know I can deal with emotionally charged situations. I have a better relationship with my close friends, children and boyfriend. The main difference in my day to day life is the improvement in my anxiety and OCD. I think everyone in the whole world needs Deboxing in their life! Such a simple technique to become emotionally self reliant
Oxford, UK
I had huge Emotional struggles and anxiety from a previous abusive relationship. My emotions, thoughts and anxiety have totally changed about the passed relationship mentioned above . I couldn't give a shit about it anymore!! What used to haunt me , has totally gone. It was definitely easier than I had ever imagined. I highly recommend Deboxing Absolutely ..... Because it works.
Banbury, UK
I was prone to over worrying and Anxiety that I always thought was linked to something that happened years ago. I was nervous before trying it but the book helped me realise it was simple to do I just had to give it a go. I believe its life-changing that does not involve medication and anyone can do it. The book is well written straight to the point it's like someones read your mind and upset and telling you that you can help your self no matter what things have happened in your life its time to start living rest of your life how you want to live it. I feel so much more positive. Thank you Jay 🙂
Aylesbury, UK
I suffered from stress and anxiety on a daily basis. Personally I felt sceptical at the beginning as I didn't fully understand how Deboxing would work. But it did. I'm certainly easier on myself now, I feel a lot more confident to admit I don't always get it right and I've started to balance my work and home life better. I'm not as reactive to my eldest daughter when we disagree. I feel less guilt and anxiety. I've definitely seen tangible results. I have let go of feelings of guilt that I've held on to for a long time. I have experienced the relief from a deboxing session.
Birmingham, UK