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How Emotional People Can Remove Deeply-Hidden-Trauma, Using The Debox™ Method

Discover How To Release Emotional Distress and Deeply-Hidden-Trauma, Big or Small That is Negatively Affecting Your Daily Life, Without Telling Your Life Story to a Therapist

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“I am a certified active therapist with my own practice and seven years of experience. My use of the Debox method has generated excellent personal and client results. What more can I say? It works.”

“I absolutely LOVE the process… it should be a life skill taught to everyone.”

Peter Owen, UK, Qualified therapist and PSTEC therapy practitioner in UK schools.

“It’s so simple a child can learn it!”

Keith Dorrington – Blackheath Hypnotherapy

How I Reversed a Nervous Breakdown in 47 Minutes

I’m Jay Roberts. Yes that’s me in the photo above from the TEDx talk I gave at Kings College London back in 2016.


Before I get into Debox and what it will do for you, do you want to hear how Debox reversed a nervous breakdown in 47 minutes? 


I’d spent my youth and all my 20s and 30s struggling with anxiety, stress and inadequacy. 


I didn’t even know why. 


Subconsciously, I searched for ways to numb the pain.


I reached for wine. I reached for cigarettes. I reached for drugs!


While I seemed to be coping, I was only patching over the problem. 


Each emptied wine bottle was like a plaster, covering up a growing, festering wound.


Eventually, my emotions hit me with a crash. 


A business I’d worked tirelessly to build hit financial ruin. 


Alone, in a bare office at 3pm, I fell into the deepest despair I have ever experienced.


“I can’t come home tonight,” I told my wife over the phone. “I don’t want the children to see me this way.”


That night, I experienced 4 emotional episodes over 47 minutes. 



I’d been upset many times before, but never like this. 



This time, I was leaning into the emotion. Not pushing it away.


I amplified the feelings of desperation in my body. (Don’t worry, its simple to do and I’ll show you how)


Each time, I stayed with the emotion until it vanished. And once the emotional bursts stopped, there was peace.


That night I slept soundly for the first time in a year.


Within 24 hours I was rejuvenated – happy.


A near-nervous-breakdown was reversed in 47 minutes


But there were more battles to come. 


Here’s What You’ll Discover When You Get Your Digital Copy Of Debox:

✔️ How To Become Emotionally Self-Reliant and end the struggle that plagues your life.
You are a stronger person when emotions are strangling you. 


✔️ The 3 Pillars Of a Whole New You – this will open your eyes!
1. Self-_______
2. Self-_______
3. Self-_______


✔️ The Acronym R.E.A.A.L and how it will change your life, forever.

  1. React

  2. Expect

  3. Accept

  4. A****** – THIS One is the game changer.

  5. Let it Go


✔️ How to identify everything that’s causing you strife, no matter how deeply buried or hidden from conscious view. 


✔️ How to use everyday triggers to remove the struggle inside.


✔️ How to remove childhood trauma that’s plagued you for years.


✔️ How to remove deeply hidden trauma, big or small.


✔️ How to use emotions to remove the root cause of the problem.


✔️ How to stop feeling guilty about the things you did or didn’t do (hint: it’s an inside job).


✔️ Why you overreact at things your kids do and how to use that to your advantage.


✔️ Why you resent your partner when they don’t support you, and how to overcome it. 


✔️The one HUGE counterintuitive discovery that takes you from endless struggle to liberation in minutes.


✔️ Feel the difference when you use your emotions the Debox Way.


✔️ Why thinking that you need to know everything keeps you pinned down in depression or misery.


✔️ How to ‘let go’ and watch the past traumatic events leave your body like a balloon floating away into the sky.


✔️ How to use 4 emotions to rid yourself of the demons inside.


✔️ Why you cry at movies, TV, music or reading and how to use it for better mental health (I used the movie technique all the time!)


✔️How I removed a fear of heights in 30 minutes. (this can be used for any phobia).


✔️ How Carl Reversed OCD that he has lived with for 40 years, in a few hours.


✔️ How Darren used YouTube clips to release childhood trauma in a day.


✔️ Why positive self-talk doesn’t work for most people and how to get it to work.


✔️ Finally dispel the myth that this is how you were wired. So much crap can be hacked away to reveal the real you. 


✔️ How ‘Box Protocol’ will become a new default that makes you bigger, better and stronger than you ever thought possible.


✔️ Finally ending the constant feelings of Not Being Good Enough.


✔️ How to use daily triggers that cause you distress and upset to free yourself from their negative impact.


✔️ Being sensitive and emotional is a huge advantage to being able to release your demons inside.


✔️ How Aurora removed PTSD from an abusive partner completely and moved onto to a happy relationship and motherhood.


✔️ How Carl removed childhood trauma that contributed to his OCD.


✔️ How I averted a mental breakdown in 47 minutes. 


✔️ How all students of Debox Reversed low self-esteem.


✔️Finally get your hands round the neck of anxiety. 


✔️ Remove depressive feelings in minutes.


✔️ How crying to a movie can remove small struggles or huge hidden trauma.


✔️ Learn how to be angry in a way that isn’t destructive but liberating.


✔️ Fear holds us back. But what if you can use this fear to remove phobias and irrational fears?


✔️ How I reversed a HUGE fear of being in the house alone overnight
      (I know! That’s a tough one to admit for a 51 year old man!).

✔️ How releasing the emotion attached to a memory means you no longer suffer at the hands of that memory again.


✔️ If emotions linked to bad memories are stored in boxes in your brain, then emptying those boxes means the pain is gone for good.


✔️ Learn how daily triggers are the signposts to your emotional freedom. Use them well, and you will be free. 


✔️ How being vulnerable (even just with yourself) is a pathway to a freer mind, more creativity and more success. 


✔️ It took me 9 years to fine tune this method, you can fast-track your results from my long journey and struggles. 


✔️ You will sleep better 


✔️ As you release more and more crap, events will start to bounce off you instead of deeply wound you.


✔️ With more confidence you can start to earn more money and build a better future.


Carl Reversed His OCD of 40 Years

“I was struggling with huge overreactions of anger. And it was all linked to childhood traumas.
Since I learned Deboxing, I have removed those traumas, and reversed my OCD of 40 years! So I genuinely, highly recommend this!”

Carl Chapman, Essex, UK

Debox has rebuilt my self-esteem

“The frustrations of everyday life were ruining my life. I would certainly recommend Deboxing to others!! You have to go into it with an open mind and be willing to accept the advice given and stick with it!!
Debox has rebuilt my self-esteem and my life. 

Thank You, Jay”

 Andrew Barker, Sales Director, Oxfordshire, UK

Do You Feel Like You Are Not Good Enough? 

You and I have never met, so I don’t know if you suffer similar problems to Carl or Andrew.


But, like them, I suspect you’ve got self-doubts. There is so much pressure on men and women these days.


…Pressure to be strong…

…Pressure to be resilient…

…Pressure to be perfect…

…Pressure to be successful….


Carl and Andrew were hounded by one constant, nagging thought:

“I am not good enough.


It wreaked havoc on their emotions, crushed their creativity, made fairly simple problems impossible to solve.


But, as I told London’s Ted X in October 2016, almost all of us struggle with these feelings of inadequacy.


But this remarkable new breakthrough gave Carl and Andrew almost instant, permanent relief from the crippling negative emotions which freeze your progress.


And it’s a skill they now use whenever they need to, as life throws the odd trigger at them. 


They no longer rely on me – or anyone – for support when their emotions go into a tailspin.


If you have got overly emotional recently, you can probably relate to Carl and Andrew on some level. 


Thoughts of shame and inadequacy affect EVERYONE.


But for emotional people like you, the feelings are often magnified. 


You can feel like you are facing relentless judgments and struggle.


So, it’s normal to load yourself with guilt, punishing yourself for every mistake.


These simple human traits cause all stress, anxiety and despair.


But one thing can set you apart from the rest…


It comes into play when you become willing to be vulnerable. 


You accept it. 


You make it your powerful ally


Because when you’re emotional, you instantly access your brain’s ‘limbic system.’ This is where your memories are stored and triggered as emotional responses.


And astonishingly once you discover how to use 3 core emotions in a certain way, you use this technique to overcome: 

  • Low self-esteem

  • Crippling stress and anxiety

  • Agonising depressions


I have seen it combat PTSD. 


Even traumas from severe childhood abuse.

“Face Any Challenge With A Blissful Sense Of Calm.”

Discover how to face any challenge with a blissful sense of calm. It’s as if you’re an ocean liner, cutting through a rough sea. Until today, you may have seen emotions as a ‘weakness.’

Now it’s your greatest strength.


Let me explain why…


Think back to when you last got really upset


Did you feel you overreacted?


Did you beat yourself up for being ‘weak’ or ‘insecure’?


Well, no matter how desperate, helpless and alone you feel…no matter how ‘over-the-top’ your emotion seems… you are entirely justified.


Because, as Dr. Bradley Nelson says:

“Up to 90% of the physical pain that people experience is due to their trapped emotions from past arguments, losses, deaths in the family, betrayals, broken relationships.”


You may not even remember these past events.


Most likely they happened during childhood. But without knowing, you locked the emotion away in a mental ‘box’. You stored it in your brain.


Now, any similar events cause those boxes to open.


The same negative emotions rise.


Your heart thumps.


Your hands shake.


Your stomach simmers with anger, or fear, or despair.


You lose control of yourself and the situation. 


A problem you could have solved comfortably becomes an impossible nightmare.


If you can find this root cause, you can remove it. 


Using your 3 core emotions is a natural, fast, and effective way to get there.


When it’s done properly, I have never seen it fail. Ever.

“Men Account For 70% of All Suicides in The Western World.” 

Knowing, that in truth I could have joined this statistic if it were not for the discovery of this method, I was hell-bent on figuring out what had saved me and how I could use it again. 



For the next 4 years, I was obsessed with finding more hidden ‘boxes’ in my mind. Each time, I used this technique to remove them.


Each time, I was left with a deep well of resilience.


You may have noticed, men rarely allow emotions, seeking to suppress them for fear of being seen as weak.



Although it gives the appearance of strength, the consequences can be tragic. 


Men account for 70% of all suicides in the western world. 


I’m certain this is a huge reason for it.


Once you empty your mental boxes this way, you’re never affected by them again.


This takes time to master, yes. 


And many people are not vulnerable or open-minded enough to make it work.


But for me, the alternative doesn’t bare thinking about! 


You discover how to make this work for you – based on your own personality, history, and challenges.


What’s most amazing is you don’t have to relive any past traumas for this to work.


Because your ‘mental boxes’ can be emptied in a number of different ways.


Have you ever watched a film that made you upset?


Or heard a song that has triggered a powerful emotional response?


This is the same principle at work.


Your brain’s limbic system is triggered by the song or film, but you’re affected by past events. 


Many of my clients find their anger ignited. Others experience fear. Others cry.


Whatever happens, notice it. Recognise it. Stay with the emotion and release it.


In fact, we’ve discovered one key technique that makes this faster than anything.



I call this remarkable process the  ‘Debox™ Method’



As I’ve mentioned, it has already earned the attention of qualified therapists and psychology professionals. 


What’s more, I am delivering this message to Universities and institutions up and down the UK.


But it’s the client results that make me most proud.


This has worked in 100% of cases with emotional people, men and women. 


It's Works For Women Too!!

“It just works!”

“I was facing the challenge of coming to terms with the fact that my marriage of twenty-plus years was ending and I was experiencing undue stress and anxiety. Also, I was overwhelmed with feelings of guilt, confusion, and disappointment.  I have a counseling background but Debox offered an approach that elicited a more rapid outcome than traditional psychotherapeutic methods. That really appealed to me.

It just works!

Roli. Ashison, London, UK

It worked so well. 

“Emotionally Self-Sufficient”

“I do feel much more emotionally self-sufficient now. I don’t judge, I just accept and trust myself to take the necessary steps to work through whatever is affecting me.”

– Hayley Mason, Stratford-Upon-Avon, UK

“Like a breath of fresh air”

“I have certainly found an improvement in my daily moods and overall sense of well-being. I no longer feel deeply depressed and hopeless. I have experienced what feels like a breath of fresh air. And I have a tool that will help me with other difficult feelings and emotional reactions as they come up.”

– Charlotte Suh, Korea

“When We Decide To Take Responsibility, Everything Changes For The Better”

We’ve all been carrying these emotional  ‘boxes’ around our whole lives, hidden in our minds.

They affect us on a daily basis. They prevent us from being our REAL selves.

They create stress, anxiety, depression, misery and weigh us down. These virtual ‘boxes’ run and ruin our lives without our knowledge or consent.

We try to avoid the impact of negative feelings in numerous ways.

We use drugs, drink alcohol, food, smoking and gambling etc. We abuse the people we love and we blame others then try to justify it. We lie and cheat and act defensively.

We struggle to live with shame and guilt.

We dread other people’s opinions of us.

We unnecessarily live with fears and phobias. We wrongly believe it’s just the way we are wired.

That it’s in our nature.

We wrongly say things like “they upset me” instead of taking ownership of our response and changing it to “I am upset by what they did”. A small change that has a huge impact.

It removes blaming others for how we are impacted and set’s in motion a deeper change for the better.

“You Already Have This Natural Ability Inside Of You. I Just Show You How To Tap Into It”

You may not believe it right now. But if you get overly emotional frequently, you have an incredible innate strength, that when put to use correctly can free your mind.

Doesn’t it make sense to put this ability to work? Starting today?

Imagine dealing with any emotional crisis independently.

No matter what challenges occur, you know exactly how to respond. You never rely on any outside influences for your emotional well-being again.

Imagine what a difference this could make to your work and your life.

How will your loved ones or colleagues respond when they see you confidently, effortlessly hurdle obstacles which make most others crumble?

Imagine having the shackles of stress cast off for good.

Perhaps it would mean eating dinner with your family…spending time with the kids…and actually being there. Not daydreaming with a head full of worry.

Imagine having total confidence in yourself. Lining up tasks and knowing your deadlines will be comfortably met.

Whatever you do, please don’t wait. You have within you an extraordinary natural ability. 

Let’s un-tap it.

I’ve taught this to men and women so let’s see what Laura, from Slough discovered…

“It is a tool that I will continue to use throughout my life, and is a skill that can help me to overcome and identify emotions that I am aware of but also those buried inside…

“…The emotional strength that I currently have compared to a very short time ago is incredible. I have reached a point where the stress and anxieties that I was experiencing no longer consume my life. Before I would not have been able to cope with the journey I am currently on, but I am now able to respond in a way where I am in control of my emotional reactions.”

You will receive the entire Proven Debox Method Digital Book To Your Email Within 60 seconds 

You owe it to yourself to tap it to make it work for you, not against you.


Jay Roberts

CEO, Founder of Debox

P.S. Remember up to 90% of your negative emotions come from past events.

These are locked in your brain. And most people are not emotionally vulnerable enough to release them.

However, if you have get overly emotional – or even felt like it – you have an innate, natural ability to overcome the crippling negative emotions which hold you back.

This Book is delivered online safely and securely and is the start of a whole new world.

For emotional people, this has never failed!