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Get The Full 21 Video Debox programme & Book. 

Take The Online Course. 21 short powerful lessons that you can learn at your own pace and implement to remove the inner turmoil.

Get the step-by-step playbook, that you can read in a lunchbreak,  on understanding and deploying the Debox Method. 

Discover How To Remove Deeply-Hidden-Trauma,
Big or Small That is Negatively Affecting Your Daily Life,
Without Telling Your Life Story to a Therapist

Join our “Healing Hub” group coaching Program and get happy.
If you want to get faster results, support and learn, and heal in a private female-only community and group Zoom sessions with Jay.

To see if you’re suitable click the button to book a free 10 minute Triage call.

The Debox group healing packages are from £100-£200 a month with results guaranteed! 

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See reviews to see how amazing this is. 

Break-Free! 1-2-1 coaching.
My 12-week coaching programme designed for the serious pursuer of emotional liberation.

This is a personalised programme to your needs and emotional traumas where we will work over the phone or via video call to identify your biggest issues and remove them. This is Amazing Healing the Debox way. 

100% success Guaranteed. Subject to approved applications. 

This is £5,000 for 24 weeks of intense focused healing where you will not only remove a huge amount of trauma but also have the skills to use for the rest of your life. 
This is guided self-help where you leave with the power to heal yourself, forever. 
Emotional release for better mental health

Get the 45-minute video training on the power of Speed-Grieving.

Using the Debox method to full effect get fast relief from grief.

You will never forget them or stop loving them but there is no need to keep living with the pain. 

I also share how I used it to remove the pain of loss in a few days. Now I am just left with the love and memories. 

Get fast relief from grief

Access The Recording of the talk I did for Amazon AWS Managers outlining the entire Debox Method philosophy. 

And examples of how I used it to take huge strides in removing my hidden traumas. 

jay ted talk

A 54 Minute no-holds-barred video on how to remove the pain inside.

It is so hard to get over a breakup. So much emotion and no idea how to manage it.

This will show you how it starts inside of you, what the pain is linked to, and how to remove it so you no longer suffer from feelings of not being good enough.

getting over a breakup