How Emotions Connect To Events In Your Life

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How emotions connect to events in your life…

Now that we’ve talked about our emotions and why they’re important, I want to take a look at how emotions connect to events in our lives – to explore how we pick up the emotional responses we get to certain memories or events.

We’ll also talk about how emotions connected to events can stay buried and hidden from view, only to emerge much later in your life (and sometimes not in the prettiest ways). We’re going to become emotional archaeologists and start sweeping away the hidden emotions that are connected to events in our lives and try to understand why we have buried emotions that are triggered by past experiences.


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About the author.
Jay Roberts is the founder of the Debox Method and after nearly 10 years and hundreds of sessions, an expert in the art of emotional release to remove the negative effects of trauma. Through his book, courses, coaching, and talks Jay’s goal is to teach as many people as he can the power of the Debox Method. 

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