How To Avoid Avoiding Your Problems In Life

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How to avoid avoiding the problems in your life…

One of the simplest ways for people to deal with their emotional traumas is to simply avoid them.

We all do it, and yet while avoiding your problems often feels like the best response, mostly because it feels the nicest, we need to stop searching for the easiest and most pleasurable outcome.

You can only solve your problems by facing them head on, so in this episode I want to discuss how you can start standing up to your traumas and past experiences, and drastically improve your future, by showing you how to avoid avoiding your problems and triggers.


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About the author.
Jay Roberts is the founder of the Debox Method and after nearly 10 years and hundreds of sessions, an expert in the art of emotional release to remove the negative effects of trauma. Through his book, courses, coaching, and talks Jay’s goal is to teach as many people as he can the power of the Debox Method. 

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