How I Reversed My Fear of Heights In Just 15 Minutes

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How I reversed my fear of heights in just 15 minutes…

In this episode, I want to explore my own personal experiences of using the Emotional Trigger Method in my everyday life to stop myself from falling into the trap of losing out on making precious memories in my life.

This is also a story of me preventing my own fears and anxieties of heights being passed onto my son, and instead using the Emotional Trigger Method in order to give us a special memory that we remember to this day.

If you have a fear of heights or other irrational phobias and anxieties, then this may just be how you get rid of them in just 15 minutes.


About the author.
Jay Roberts is the founder of the Debox Method and after nearly 10 years and hundreds of sessions, an expert in the art of emotional release to remove the negative effects of trauma. Through his book, courses, coaching, and talks Jay’s goal is to teach as many people as he can the power of the Debox Method. 

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