Your 2 Worst Enemies Are Shame And Guilt

*Note: Any mention of the emotional trigger method
is now the Debox Method* 
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Your 2 worst enemies are Shame and Guilt…

Today I want to talk about the King and Queen of emotional vulnerability – Shame and Guilt.

Every other reaction and every negative label we have stems from shame and guilt. Shame and Guilt are particularly nasty because they are one of the most prominent things that get passed down between generations and make their way down the family tree, to affect your life in such an invisible, yet defining way.

And it’s those invisible effects that I want to talk about today with you.

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About the author.
Jay Roberts is the founder of the Debox Method and after nearly 10 years and hundreds of sessions, an expert in the art of emotional release to remove the negative effects of trauma. Through his book, courses, coaching, and talks Jay’s goal is to teach as many people as he can the power of the Debox Method. 

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