They Upset Me! (And other excuses you’re giving yourself)

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They upset me! (And other excuses you’re telling yourself)…

Following on from yesterday’s episode, I want to talk about how shifting the blame when you get upset can help you deal with the negative people in your life.

“They Upset Me”. It’s something I hear all the time, especially from my own kids, but it’s a phrase that is so quick to blame the other party and put them at fault.

Now I want you to think of it, not as they upset YOU, but that “YOU were upset by something that they said”. Do you see the difference. One is someone else’s fault, and in the second example, you take responsibility for your own emotional reaction.

And taking responsibility for your own reactions can do wonders in giving you a thicker skin and helping you move past the insults of others, to become truly self improved and independent.


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Jay Roberts is the founder of the Debox Method and after nearly 10 years and hundreds of sessions, an expert in the art of emotional release. Through his book, courses, coaching, and talks Jay’s goal is to teach as many men as he can the power of the Debox Method. 

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