Mark Testimonial June 2023

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Thu, 15 Jun 2023 08:00:58

Hi Jay,

So, bit of an update. The book is wonderful, the process is deceptively simple yet effective.

I’m not a particularly blokey bloke, I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve and if I’m upset I let everyone know about it! 

This doesn’t mean I deal with it though. I’ve lived through a lot of stuff (abusive parents, high pressure emergency services role here and abroad for almost 30 yrs, two divorces etc etc). 

I’ve had counselling and other help over the years and feel like I’m pretty sorted now, but I still felt there was something deep down that I haven’t dealt with.


Recently I’ve cried watching adverts! And as I say I don’t hold back when I’m upset and this has led to some upsets with people I care about. I always manage to make it up with them but the initial outbursts are so unnecessary.

Anyway I tried the process by intentionally watching an advert that I found emotional and I didn’t know why. Leaning in and allowing it to release was astonishing. 

There was a sense of release and peace that I can’t explain. I didn’t find out why the original advert affected me so much and I don’t really care, now there’s nothing there, I can watch it and enjoy the sentiment without the excessive emotional feelings coming up. 

I’ve also just dealt with a very traumatic end emotional emergency incident that upset me a lot.


Normally this would have escalated my emotions and become an ongoing situation for possibly ever, yet this time I’ve been able to let it go, and this has meant I’ve let go of a lot of other stuff underneath it. (proper deboxing of lots of unnecessary, inappropriate and unwanted boxes!) I’m still upset, but appropriately so, and not ballistic or looking for a fight. 


As I said – simple but effective.

I just want to say thank you, and that this process of deboxing isn’t just for people that bottle stuff up but for anyone. I’m going to keep using it cos this new place of comfort is so much better than the old one!!

Cheers my friend